Thursday, March 10, 2016


 Human  Mosaic
Good and evil intertwined   in a complicated prism
Each action sending off light and dark into unknown direction
Labeling a human  evil- far too easy
 Evil is not inherent,
 but an uncomplicated label for something quite
Evil is more an act
Not a human being
A Scarlet Letter emblazoned on the chest of all
Inescapable sin manipulated into guilt and shame
Merely pinning an A in Scarlet
on others is an attempt at removal
of shame on the Self
One's own log must be acknowledged
Before identifying another's splinter
Evil is ever-present and unchanging                                                                                                                
A human being is ever-evolving
incapable of description
By such a simple word
Change, our only constant
Evil, a simple cop-out
A world revealing only two extremes
a world of eternal blandness

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