Monday, February 25, 2013

Moonbeam repair

broke my own barely-beating heart
went un- noticed
let alone fatal

pain endured then absorbed, changing its shape
until it appeared- a floating disconnect

once full and impervious
two halves forming the whole
self-righteous and solid
closed to the light

suddenly cracked and imperfect, at the ready
for the outpouring of emotion
tumbling through tumult

at the ready for the laser-bright white beam
through half-slit eyes
travels through eternity
to pierce my chest
and fills the cracks like mortar
a healing, translucent balm
and now by osmosis
gives and receives
the blood-red agape love
worthy of the creator
of the moon and stars
and earth and sky

Friday, February 1, 2013

enormous mustard seed

lost and hopeless
in appearance only
impressions are deceiftful
fake countenance!!

your portion
your portion, like an inheritance
overflowing and plentiful
your ways, a mystery

to love
a  simple requirement
but not in my own strength
always yours
Jehovah Jireh--
the Lord who provides
i surrender- again and again
devoting myself to your promises
and your ways, a mystery

you desire each heart
not one is forgotten
i am humbled
by the enormity
the universal complexity
of bonding together
beyond space and time
with great momentum
yet simplicity... for even
me, your servant
your ways, a mystery