Monday, April 22, 2013

fraught with peacefulness

a watershed of tears
for no reason and every reason imaginable
clarity and confusion share gray matter space
while the body sways and rocks
through the cerulean gloom
tempted to dance above the rising pain
arms raised
releasing  the world's anguish
one angry fist and one praise hand at a time

the heart speaks: patience...
slowly, imperceptibly at first
Resplendent Light and space arise
lifting the fog of mourn
resurfacing as a pulsing, enlivened hope

immobility and helplessness
spiral into backbone
erect and courageous
boldly proclaiming

IT as all Bliss

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Deep calls unto Deep

found peace on my board
that sacred space meant to carry both ego and spirit
surfing a life well-lived
just might prove that our humanity is not
the opposite of our divinity but the manifestation of it!

sensing we all might just be royalty after-all
confident in my mission
in my uniqueness
and yours
like a drop of water in the ocean
I am at once an individual
and yet complete and integrated with the whole

I am one with the rolling deep
because deep calls unto deep you know
and the mystery that is profoundly curling in on itself is
undulating out a rhythm in a cadence called Life

surrender to it
and savor
the ultimate in revelatory freedom