Friday, June 17, 2016

the nest

a group of 10 made strong not by your similarity and commitment to sameness
but by your unique contribution to making the nest's power last
with your promise to do you

your promise to not compromise your voice
your promise to not judge but love when one of you is suffering
your promise to bring light + laughter when there's pain
your promise to put your sisterhood first
which can only authentically take place
when you put your heart first

this lesson in coming back to yourself before offeirng anything
to the group will serve you well

you have seen how you get depleted of your 'you-ness'
when you sacrifice your sense of self
for others

the flow of life begins in your own heart

the flow of love begins in your own truth

the flow of joy never ends

you carry it with you into the world, waiting for you now

arms outstretched...announcing-- take your place
in your earthly home!!  bring your shortcomings, your failure, and fear
bring your nervous, your uncertainty and empty...

in this flow your cry out for a place
draws forth the calm, the sense that life is good
even when it feels really bad

underneath the thoughts, emotions and flow of fret
lives a current
deep and true...a place to settle, rest
sometimes it feels like enchantment other times
you will fight your way to peace
demanding through imagination
that love exists underneath the layer of worldly worry

go inside...beyond the storm, the mind's hustle and bustle
you will find a garden
and in that garden
high in oak trees
there you will spy

your NEST