Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Gift of YOU

So my big AHA from today's amazing gathering of love energy in yoga teacher training left me with this tidbit:

It's not so much about sharing the gifts you've been given as it is sharing the YOU you've been given.

YOUR LIFE?'s not yours!!

It was a total gift  and it's how you deepen your knowledge of Self that matters.  You can embrace the gift, open the box and share yourself freely with the world because you recognize it was never yours to begin with. It would feel like cheating to hold back.

Tapping deeper and deeper into what makes YOU YOU...that space feels like more than enough.  The Self is  actually so connected to Source it's overflowing with competence, gratitude, love, compassion, kindness, generosity.

Dive back into Life! And watch it not only sustain you, but the bravery it took to jump results in YOU being absorbed and lifted by the Great Wave-- losing yourself and finding yourself all at once.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

The Trinity of Parenthood : I and Love, and You

Relationships serve many wonderful and challenging purposes in our lives don't they?

We are meant to love and be loved. We laugh together and hug and cry together. Oftentimes, we may sense a holiness to our interactions.  If we are lucky, we are aware of the beauty in the words, the sincerity behind the selfless actions.

Even the trials and arguments bring with them opportunity to better understand another's heart, their relationship with themselves and life.  As parents it can be so difficult to separate oneself from your child.  I feel  my teenagers experiences as overarching and  imminent.  The import of their trials seem life or death to me.  I place having brought them into this world as my sole responsibility for raising them to be not only loving and contributing young adults but their safety and health weigh heavy on my shoulders.

This morning I'm realizing it is time.

The time is ripe to begin to Let go and Let GOD more and more as they approach the last few years of high school.  It will be up to them to navigate the waters of life very soon and I need to trust that God  will guide their hearts.  We have held tightly to them and I pray have lived by example of how God wants us to love him with all our hearts and all our minds and all our souls and others as we love ourselves and Him.

I breathe and I know that beneath the worry and the anxiety that I need to control their actions and whereabouts  a little longer, is the true knowledge that they are meant to learn and grow from EVERY ONE of Life's experiences, just like U S.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

When the two become O N E

Before I ever stepped foot on a mat, I almost exclusively operated from a place of non-presence.  What I mean by this, is my mind was either racing to assemble what I had to say or I was trapped in the past in some sort of emotion or memory.  I first read Eckhart Tolle's A New Earth in 2008 and absorbed as much as my mind was able to at that time.  He speaks about the power of NOW and how this moment is all we have.  True joy and authentic relationship can only occur in this very moment, where the slate is clean.  I desired this but without a practice, I was unable to grasp fully how this concept could become my reality.

For creative types, using the right-brain regularly will tap into pure presence and allow you to become fully engrossed in the beauty, space and peace that is already there.

Yesterday when I read Jesus' quote in the Gospel of Thomas, "When the two become ONE" I was initially a bit confused and decided to sleep on it.  On my mat this morning I found myself resisting the physicality, initially because of a rough night's sleep and overall muscle soreness.  But as I began to move with breath, I dedicated my practice like a prayer to my brother Jesus and I envisioned his loving gaze.

About thirty minutes in, I was in a deep forward fold, hugging my legs close when I began to think "My top half is one with my bottom half. They are no longer separate but whole" and then as I moved   with breath the concept went a bit further: "When the lower chakras of the body are joined with the upper, then the two become one".  I realized that this kind of "thinking" wasn't normal mind chatter or problem solving--this was heart wisdom coming through.

I kept smiling a deep, knowing smile that emanated from my heart when ultimately, the message deepened:  When Heaven and Earth are O N E.  The mystics and sages taught that ALL of life is Divine-- the light overcomes the dark but the stars would not be shining brightly if not for the dark of night.  Think of all the times you've had to learn from loss and pain.  You wouldn't wish those on anyone and yet you might feel deep down that the depth of beauty and love experienced where you are now would be incomplete if not for those trials.

I believe that God wants to transform all of our unresolved pain.  That is the message of the cross: surrender our worst fears and lies we tell ourselves of not being good enough and find that God will use these as raw material for  the treasure he wants to place in our hearts and lives.  My yoga and meditation practices have given me the tools to find the space to shed the tears and release the pent up emotions. When the two limbs of the cross become one: where they become one--  at the                    C E N T E R, our C E N T E R.  The heart chakra.

I use my body to pray and thus embody my faith in the Light placed within each of us.  This is one of the many reasons why I choose to share this gift that has set the Spirit of my childhood free. I trust  that Life is meant to be lived NOW, fully and entirely with wide open hearts rich with mercy and grace.  I fondly recall another inspired message from above,
"Even here. Especially here!  We are called to release Heaven on earth by acting authentically in a way that our soul feels nourished and satisfied".

I encourage you to only take what resonates and then spend time in stillness listening to your own heart's messaging to chart the path that was drawn for you alone. And above all else, find more ways that make your soul feel nourished and satisfied.
Namaste' friends