Sunday, August 24, 2014

The Trinity of Parenthood : I and Love, and You

Relationships serve many wonderful and challenging purposes in our lives don't they?

We are meant to love and be loved. We laugh together and hug and cry together. Oftentimes, we may sense a holiness to our interactions.  If we are lucky, we are aware of the beauty in the words, the sincerity behind the selfless actions.

Even the trials and arguments bring with them opportunity to better understand another's heart, their relationship with themselves and life.  As parents it can be so difficult to separate oneself from your child.  I feel  my teenagers experiences as overarching and  imminent.  The import of their trials seem life or death to me.  I place having brought them into this world as my sole responsibility for raising them to be not only loving and contributing young adults but their safety and health weigh heavy on my shoulders.

This morning I'm realizing it is time.

The time is ripe to begin to Let go and Let GOD more and more as they approach the last few years of high school.  It will be up to them to navigate the waters of life very soon and I need to trust that God  will guide their hearts.  We have held tightly to them and I pray have lived by example of how God wants us to love him with all our hearts and all our minds and all our souls and others as we love ourselves and Him.

I breathe and I know that beneath the worry and the anxiety that I need to control their actions and whereabouts  a little longer, is the true knowledge that they are meant to learn and grow from EVERY ONE of Life's experiences, just like U S.

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