Thursday, February 15, 2018

What if I lost my voice

if i awakened tomorrow and had lost my voice and could not verbally say the name of jesus
would that change how you know him in and through me?  just because I could no longer use his name, does that prevent me from surrendering to his action in the ways of love, empathy, charity, generosity, prayer, would not my very life, actions and light shining in my eyes not reveal the ONE , the stranger, the OTHER evident in me

i was telling pastor ben that i see it as my job to discern another's fullness of living water-- either you are flowing and alive with creativity, encouragement, respect for God's creations or you are suffering-- and if you are suffering and closed off from this bread of life then spirit would ask of me to ask  how can i help reduce your suffering
how can i love you and listen deeply to your need
there is only God and the need for God
God is either always a trinitarian flow or not
so abba, allah etc include jesus -- they have to
there is only one creator

Religion religio means yoke unite
so does the word yoga
yoga practice a union of mind body and breath
draws us into wholeness
in this space where the mind is no longer bossing us
or filled with anxiety
clarity arises
connection to our deepest truth
this feels like freedom
freedom from self centeredness
freedom from our wounds and traumas
this is the how
religion has been missing for centuries
go to church on sunday
sing, pray, ask to be forgiven but HOW do I stay connected to my source the other 120 hours?
that was my question
other than be of service how do i follow jesus in his path of self sacrifice
the dying to what is false and suffering
how to let go and surrender to the holy spirit's transformative power