Saturday, January 26, 2013

Snowflake Christening

new day beckons
replete with  infinite rebirth
revealed in
alabaster, snow-capped branches
in a bright, sunlit sky

closing eyes
on a quest
to a raw beauty
that mars.
and human scars
recalling torment
and unveiled suffering...
on timber ascending skyward
a different snow-less day

close them to evict
the outside world
gaze inward!

an abandoned cradle
desolate and lifeless
a missing Christ Child
not yet resurrected

and yet,
fall afresh
kissing my face
in a christening
of sorts
immersed and washed clean

a smile emerging
as natural
and miraculous
as baby's arrival
into the naked NOW


  1. Lovely indeed! Here's one that offer in antiphonal praise:

    Flurry of Inactivity

    Remember that one moment of
    frozen silence when all the
    earth seemed still and a
    single flake of perfection
    floated from the heavens?

    With head lifted
    up and heart
    wide open like a
    wide eyed child you
    stuck out your tongue

    to catch that flurry
    of cool mystery,
    only to let it
    melt away
    without regret.

Before the blizzard
    of words and
    the thoughts they carry
    begin to pile up
    on the path

    let that one single
    glorious potentiality
    which within its fractal
    complexity holds
    all God’s secrets

    rest on your mind. In that
    Sabbath Pause say nothing,
    do nothing for soon that sparkling
    holiness will melt before
    the noon-day sun.

    1. layered and lovely! thank you for sharing ;-)