Monday, September 1, 2014

Nowhere to land

When we are connected to Self we can say that we are one with our experience.  Whether that experience is pleasurable or painful makes no matter.   We can breathe and allow the inner fiery light merge with the grief or shame or sadness and stay with it until it dissipates or transforms.  This past weekend, the term "holding space" reminds me of what I've experienced during my healing meditations.  I was learning how to hold space for my experience.

I find  that what I am left with feels like freedom.  I think that the mystics teachings on emptiness means that there is nowhere for the emotion to land.  The energy passes through and we are left impregnated with full potential in the moment.  In other words-- ALIVE.

Yoga physical asana creates space in the body and mind which allows prana to keep flowing and thus the lower vibrational energy has nowhere to land.

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