Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Challenge to the anawim (ordinary)

Are you a nobody like me?  An ordinary person with a pretty ordinary life and background…
or maybe you have some real juiciness going on, like you could write a book!!
Either way, it's the average Joe and Julie who are being asked to share the good news.

What is the good news you might be asking? Well from my humble perspective this day it's  that life is full of paradox and it can all be transformed for not only your highest good but the good of humanity. That what appears to be tragic, painful, and heretical may  turn out to be your greatest strength that God wants to use to change and open hearts: first and foremost our own!!

We are being called to release ALL of our pent up emotional "stuff" that is holding us back. How do we do that? Just to name a few: yoga and meditation, creative outlets like writing , music and art.
QUIET, still sacred time where we can tune into our own HEARTS AND GUT…dropping out of the mind chatter and into somewhere deeper that is connected to the rest of the universe.  The breath can take you there…or meditating on the ocean.

Listening to the roar and rhythm of the waves crashing, one can sense that when we feel alone we imagine we are like just one drop of salt water in a great sea. We can oftentimes feel insignificant and unworthy. We can suffer a  disconnection and feel  very, very alone.  The great fix for this dreadful sensation?  Go inside yourself and enter the spaciousness there.  Most of the physical body is made up of empty space, but we feel trapped and suffocated by our own self oftentimes. Why?  the mind just won't shut up!!

By getting still, we can begin to sense that all of our pain, all of our shame is not so unlike everyone else's. When we can surrender to what is, that's when the miracle happens.  A rush of love, divine GRACE and fullness enters. we are immersed in goodness and compassion and it is ALL inside of us, everything we need. In the spaces between the thoughts, carried on a single breath of life we return to our source. We were created ordinary for an extraordinary purpose. If and only if, we can tap into our connection to all that is and ever was. Our expansion from singular drop of sea water merges into the fullness of the oceans and we are lifted higher than we ever imagined, buoyed by an arising trust in our life's meaning and purpose.

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