Thursday, October 10, 2013

first steps- an ode to the women of the Philadelphia FDC

will you think of me
when you first step on the verdant, green earth again
yielding to her rich submersion
enriched by and on  terra firma
with your newly sweetened soul
as if the bees could
gather your nectar into honey

will you think of me
when you greet the starry night
an astral gaze at the clouds worshipping a crescent moon

will you think of me
basking under a blazing sun
allowing its warmth to kindle your inner flame

will you think of me
as you acknowledge the magic in the mist
or the music in the breeze
as you sit and notice the tears pricking your eye
because of your new connectivity

will you think of me
whence the river calls your name
and orates like a sanctuary
overflowing with promise
and curiosity for the next unfolding

will you think of me?
because nature has become your church


  1. Hopeful! I love that you connect and imagine that they will think of you : ) .

  2. I initially wrote it hoping that...then after it was written, I realized that "me" was God!!

  3. Elephant just said they'd publish...yay!!!