Thursday, December 13, 2012

Treetops A meditation on the Cooper

Treetops- a Meditation on the Cooper

Look up
stretching, never touching, the spindly treetops reach for the clouds
Glance down
In the rippling water, the treetops dive below the surface brushing the clouds
and in the movement of the river, the branches sway slightly
Look up
tranquil, majestic, at peace in their stillness


  1. This poem came to me one day while walking my dog through the park about 5 years ago. Then, just last year I was away on retreat and re-read it for our group. It had a whole new meaning for me! See, we had been discussing the importance of fluidity and interaction with one another especially trying to make spirit connections. This requires movement outward, making yourself vulnerable and being flexible for the most rich relationships. This could be viewed as the horizontal "arms" of the cross.

    The vertical line of the cross is when we reach up to God in stillness maybe we can "hear"him whisper. For me the metapohor of tree as cross was beautiful and unintentioinal on a conscious level. God keeps speaking to us in deeper more meaningful ways as we are ready to hear the message.